Mumbet’s Grave

The Gravestone reads:
known by the name of
Died Dec 28, 1829

Her supposed age was 85 Years She was born a slave and remained a slave for nearly thirty years. She could neither read nor write, yet in her own sphere she had no superior nor equal. She neither wasted time nor property. She never violated a trust, nor failed to perform a duty. In every situation of domestic trial, she was the most efficient helper, and the tenderest friend. Good Mother, farewell.”

[Epitaph Written by Charles Sedgwick]

Mumbet’s grave is located in the Sedgwick Pie, in Stockbridge. Massachusetts as seen below on a winter’s day.

Mumbet’s grave on the left, Catharine Maria Sedgwick in the center, Charles Sedgwick on the right.
Mumbet’s grave on the left and Catharine Marie Sedgwick grave on the right.
Mumbet’s grave
Inscription on Mumbet’s grave

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