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Since 1999 mumbet.com is the official site for Elizabeth Mumbet Freeman, one of the first black women to win freedom in the USA, at the very least the first black woman to win her freedom in Massachusetts. The webmaster lived in Housatonic and Great Barrington for almost ten years and became acquainted with the story of Mumbet, visited the grave, and quickly saw how important Mumbet’s story is in US History and registered the domain.

This site has grown over the years and many have contributed to the knowledge of Mumbet  by posting in a guest book as well as emails sent to the webmaster.

mumbet.com has been instrumental in publishing knowledge of Mumbet and without a doubt has contributed to those who now acknowledge Mumbet’s rightful place in US history. For example Wikipedia didn’t even exist when mumbet.com began publishing. Wikipedia finally added Mumbet into its database citing mumbet.com at least once.

There is a movie in development!

This web site is the official site dedicated to Elizabeth ‘Mumbet’ Freeman, the longest established, while other websites have simply mimicked and copied the information and images from mumbet.com, without ever acknowledging mumbet.com as their source. Nevertheless, mumbet.com without a doubt has published more knowledge about Mumbet than all the others combined. We ask if you use the information on this website that at the very least you acknowledge your source of information and credit mumbet.com. In January 2018 we changed the name of the site to elizabethfreeman.mumbet.com which clearly focuses on her name.

Mumbet will be taught to children in school along with Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, John Henry and other famous American folklore heroes. May you enjoy learning about this remarkable notable woman who will become as well known as other famous USA folklore heroes.