Catharine Maria Sedgwick

A novelist and prolific writer, Catharine Marie Sedgwick (1789 -1867) wrote about Mumbet and much of what we know about Mumbet is because of Catharine. Catharine was the daughter of Theodore Sedgwick and lived in the same household Mumbet served after leaving the Ashley House. Catharine is buried next to Mumbet in the “Sedgwick Pie.” Her brother Charles, who wrote Mumbet’s epitaph lies on Miss Sedgwick’s other side. Miss Sedgwick was born in Stockbridge, MA and later attended Payne’s Finishing School in Boston. According to Professor Lucinda Damon-Bach, Ph.D. English Department, Salem State College, and Founder of the Catharine Maria Sedgwick Society, upon her return to the Berkshires Catharine helped her sister-law run a school in Lenox, Massachusetts on Kemble Street on the site of what is now Springlawn at the National Music Foundation but spent most of her time writing. Professor Damon-Bach also says that Catharine “was one of the Sedgwick children who gave Mumbet her nickname” and Mumbet was the children’s substitute mother.

Catharine’s grave marker (close up) in the Sedgwick Pie
Catharine Marie Sedgwick – available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (Wikimedia Commons)
Engraved for James Herring and James Longacre’s National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans (1834-39), New-York Historical Society, Object Number:
Silhouette by Auguste Edouart, 1788 – 1861, Lithograph, chalk and cut paper on paper, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Object number

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Catharine Marie Sedgwick was a prolific writer which you can review a list of her novels on our books page.

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